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Shocking Detail in Manipulated Mother’s Day Photo Leaves Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Friends Stunned

One week ​has passed since ⁢Kate Middleton—and ‌the monarchy—were caught in a massive storm. ⁣The Duchess of Cambridge’s ⁢Mother’s Day photo, which was ⁣posted on social media, ⁣caused quite‌ a stir⁣ due ⁣to⁤ its obvious editing. As news agencies began removing the⁣ photo from their websites, the ⁢mystery surrounding Kate and her relationship with the royal family only deepened.

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The ‍edited Mother’s Day picture, which was ⁤posted last⁣ Sunday, contained several significant errors. One of the most notable mistakes was the absence ‍of‌ Kate’s wedding ring, leaving many royal fans and experts puzzled. While‍ the photo has been edited, it is unclear why the ring⁤ was removed, leading to various conspiracy theories.

Although‌ most ‌of these theories are shared and discussed online, they have also reached Prince William and ​Kate Middleton’s inner‍ circle. While the palace has not released any official statements or⁣ comments⁤ regarding ​the future king ⁣and queen’s relationship, sources ⁣close ‍to the couple have reportedly expressed shock⁢ and confusion over the recent⁣ developments.

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Kate Middleton’s Mother’s Day photo caused a lot of anger and disappointment among⁤ royal ‍fans⁣ and experts. Just a day after it was published, the Duchess issued an apology‍ for the confusion⁢ and controversy surrounding ‌the ⁣edited photo.

“As an⁢ amateur photographer, I⁣ sometimes experiment with editing techniques. I would like to​ apologize for any confusion caused by the⁣ family photograph⁤ we shared yesterday. I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day ⁣celebration. C,” Kate stated in a⁣ post on the official social media‍ platforms of ⁣the ⁢Duke⁣ and Duchess‌ of Cambridge.

Kate‍ Middleton’s Manipulated Mother’s Day Photo

It​ didn’t take long for ‌photography ​experts and social media ​users to analyze⁤ the photo ‍and point ⁣out the numerous errors and poor editing techniques used. As a⁢ result, several news⁢ agencies,‍ including the Associated Press and ‍Getty, issued a “kill notice” to remove or not use the photo.

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Even the well-renowned​ Agence France-Presse (AFP) ‌sent‌ out a​ “kill notice” and publicly stated that Kensington Palace is no longer a trusted source of information.

“No, absolutely not. When a ⁣source lets you down, the bar is ⁣raised… ⁣We have advised our teams to ‍be extra vigilant about⁣ the​ content⁢ we receive, even from trusted sources,” said Phil Chetwynd, AFP’s ⁤global news director, in an interview ⁣with BBC Radio 4’s‍ Media Show.

Chetwynd also⁣ revealed that several news agencies had requested the original, unedited photo⁣ from ⁢Kensington Palace, but⁤ received no⁢ response. As a result, the photo was pulled from their websites.

According to Chetwynd, kill ⁤notices are typically reserved for sources such as North Korea or Iran.

“To issue a kill notice based on manipulation is ⁢rare. We may do it once a year, if not less. The⁣ previous instances⁢ were from ‌North Korean or Iranian news agencies,” Chetwynd added.

It​ has been over a week since Kate posted the photo on the official Instagram account of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.⁣ In addition to the kill notices issued by news agencies, Instagram has also‌ added a warning label ‍to the ⁤photo, stating that it has been⁤ altered.

Underneath the photo, a message reads: “Altered photo/video.⁢ The same altered photo was ‍reviewed ‍by independent⁢ fact-checkers in ⁣another post.”

Prince William’s‌ Alleged Affair with Rose Hanbury

The manipulated Mother’s ⁤Day photo was ⁤not the only controversy surrounding Kate Middleton. The absence of ⁤her wedding ring ‍also‌ sparked⁤ rumors about the​ state of her marriage to Prince William,‌ which could have ‌significant implications for the future of the‍ royal family.

These rumors ​were further fueled by reports of an alleged affair between Prince William and Rose‌ Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley⁣ and⁤ a close friend of Kate’s. While these ⁣rumors⁢ have not been confirmed, they‍ have⁣ been‍ circulating ⁤for the past five years.

It ⁣is ​important to ⁢note that there is no evidence to support⁤ these rumors,⁣ and they have been repeatedly denied by the palace. In fact, royal expert Richard Kay has spoken out against these‍ rumors, calling them ‍”fake news.”

Despite this, ⁣the ​gossip has spread like wildfire, with tabloids reporting on a⁣ supposed “falling out” between⁣ William, ⁣Kate, and‍ Rose. However, it has⁣ been⁤ reported⁢ that‌ the‍ two women‌ have‍ been friends for ⁤a long time, and even attended a music festival together⁣ last ⁢year.

Rose Hanbury‌ has strong connections to the royal family, as her maternal ⁣grandmother was one of Queen Elizabeth’s bridesmaids at her wedding to Prince Philip. ⁣She is also a patron of ​the East Anglia Children’s Hospice, along⁤ with Kate.

While there is ‌no ⁣evidence‍ to support the rumors of an affair, they continue to circulate and ⁤have caused a lot of speculation and concern among‌ royal fans and⁣ experts.

Some believe that the alleged affair could be damaging to the reputation of the royal family, while others argue that it is a private matter and should not be subject to public scrutiny. The royal couple has not addressed the rumors directly, choosing to focus on their duties and charitable work instead. However, the constant media attention and speculation can take a toll on any relationship. Only time will tell how this situation will unfold and if it will have any lasting impact on the royal family. Until then, many will continue to speculate and closely follow any developments in this ongoing saga.

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