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Shocking Discovery: My Wife Lied About Our Son’s Burial – The Heartbreaking Truth Revealed a Day Later

Greg and Natalie have been divorced for some time now, but‍ they still share ‌a three-year-old son, Oliver. Greg believed that they ⁣were successfully co-parenting until⁣ he received a‌ devastating‌ phone call from Natalie.

After five ⁣years of marriage, Natalie and I decided to split. We were young⁢ when we first met,⁣ and when things started to fall apart, ‍we didn’t put in enough‌ effort to save our relationship.

Since⁤ our divorce, we have been living in​ different states, making ‍it difficult to see each other. However, the real complication arises​ from the fact that we share a young child, ⁢Oliver, who is ​only three years old.

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Although I have the privilege of spending​ all⁣ the holidays with my son,‌ it never feels like enough.⁢ But I didn’t want ⁤to ​argue with Natalie about it. It was more⁣ important for us ‍to ⁤maintain a‌ cordial relationship rather than constantly fighting over custody.

We both agreed ‍that Oliver deserved to grow up in a peaceful environment, free from ‍the constant ⁢tension of ‍his ​parents’⁤ conflicts.

Every night⁣ before bedtime, Natalie ‌would video call me with Oliver so he‍ could say goodnight. It had become our routine, and it brought me comfort knowing that I​ could still be a part of my son’s life, even from a distance.

So, everything seemed to be going well until one day, Natalie⁣ called me in ⁣tears.

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“Greg!” ‌she​ screamed into the phone. “Our son ⁤is gone!”

I was in shock and couldn’t comprehend her words.

“What?” ⁤I asked, trying to make ⁤sense of what she was⁢ saying.

“Oliver is dead,” she repeated.

I felt like my world was crumbling beneath me. “What? How? ​What happened?” ⁢I asked, sinking to the ground in my⁤ living room.

“It⁣ all —” she ‍started​ talking before ⁤getting cut off.

“What?” I repeated, desperate for answers.

“He’s just gone, Greg.”

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I immediately booked the ​next flight out to be with Natalie and say goodbye to my son. But she stopped me, saying that ⁢there had already been⁢ a ceremony ⁣and⁤ Oliver had been buried.

I was devastated.‌ How could my son be gone? ⁣And why didn’t Natalie tell me sooner? It made no sense. If he⁢ was sick or something had happened, I deserved to know.

I couldn’t understand why ⁢Natalie would keep such a huge and heartbreaking secret‍ from me. I was filled with anger and hurt, and I couldn’t believe that she didn’t even⁢ invite me ‍to the funeral. How could she forget to tell the father?‌ And if​ not⁣ Natalie, why didn’t her parents or her new husband, Mike, ⁤call me?

The next day, as I was packing my bags to fly out, I received a call from Mike.

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“Hi, Mike,” I said. “I’m on my way.‍ I’ll be there by tonight.”

“Wait, Greg,” he said softly. “I​ need to tell you something.”

What Mike told me was shocking ⁢and completely changed the situation.

“Natalie has lost her ‍mind. ​She made all of this up. Oliver is alive, ​Greg.”

“What?”​ I asked, stunned.

“Natalie made it up,”‌ Mike repeated. “Oliver⁤ is with Natalie’s parents.”

It turns out that while‍ I spent the entire night mourning my child, Natalie had fabricated a story​ in the hopes that I would leave her life forever.

It ​all made sense now. Without‌ Oliver,‌ there would be no reason for me to be in contact with her. She wanted to cut me out of her life completely.

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According to Mike, Natalie had‌ let it ⁤slip that she didn’t want ‍me interfering in their lives anymore. Despite her pleading, Mike said ⁢he called ⁤me immediately ⁣when Natalie told him.

Knowing the⁢ truth, I felt a mix of emotions. I was relieved ⁣that my son was alive, but I was also furious at Natalie for her⁣ deceitful actions.

I made​ it clear to Natalie that I wasn’t there to ⁣take Oliver ​away from her. However, I also made it clear that⁣ if she ever pulled a‍ stunt like this again,‍ I would⁣ take legal action.

I returned home, but ⁢I made the decision ‍to‍ look for jobs closer to Oliver ⁤so I could be more involved in his life.

Have you ever been lied to in a way⁣ that threatened your entire life?

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