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Shocking Encounter: Family Gets ‘Nasty’ Note Slapped on Table During Dinner

Katie Leach, a resident of Nampa, ⁢Idaho, recently had a meal at a restaurant with her family. However, what was supposed to be a pleasant⁣ evening turned into a lesson in understanding and compassion when she⁣ received a nasty note from diners claiming that her 10-month-old son had “ruined” their dinner with his screaming.

This incident sparked a conversation about parenting, empathy, and the importance of creating a welcoming environment for all⁣ guests.

In a ⁤Facebook post, Leach shared her side of the story, stating that her son, Drew, had a habit of yelling when he was excited or⁤ happy.‍ She also mentioned‍ that she was actively​ teaching him to use his indoor voice and not yell ⁣back when told no. However, at just ⁤10 months old, he was still learning and adjusting‍ to his surroundings.

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Leach and her family were⁣ at‌ Texas Roadhouse in⁣ Nampa when Drew began yelling ​intermittently. She explained that he was excited to be⁤ around the commotion and would yell⁣ to say hi to the waitresses.

Despite their ​efforts to quiet⁣ him down, he would still let out a few yells here and there. However, this was not out of malice ​or anger, but⁣ purely from ‌excitement and happiness.

Photo Credit: USA Today

About halfway through their meal, two diners in their late 50s or early ‌60s slammed a note on the table between Leach and Drew. The note read, ‍”Thank you for‌ ruining⁤ our dinner with your screaming kid. Sincerely, the table behind you.” Leach approached the table and explained that her son was still learning and that she was actively teaching him how to ‌behave at the table.

However, the ​women responded by saying that they⁤ had​ grandchildren who never behaved like that. Leach stated that she could understand their complaints if Drew was older and knew better, but at just 10 months old, he was still learning and adjusting.

She wished that the women had handled the situation differently and showed more understanding and compassion⁢ towards a young child. Fortunately, ​the manager of the⁤ restaurant ⁤apologized for the diners’ rudeness and asked them to‍ leave quietly. He also comped their meal and ⁣invited Leach’s family to return anytime.

Travis Doster, a ‌spokesman for Texas Roadhouse, ​addressed‌ the incident, stating that they are in the hospitality business ‌and want all their guests to ⁢have a great experience.

Photo Credit: Twitter/WFMY News 2

He also ⁣mentioned that the restaurant was voted one⁣ of the loudest by Consumer Reports and that they are proud of‌ it. If someone prefers ‌a quieter ⁢dining experience, then this ⁤may not be the place for ⁢them.

This incident serves as a reminder that we should always strive to⁤ be understanding⁤ and compassionate towards others, especially‍ young children who are still​ learning and adjusting to their surroundings. It also highlights the importance of‌ creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all guests, regardless of age or behavior. Let us all learn from Katie Leach’s experience and strive to be more understanding​ and empathetic towards others.

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