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Shocking Milkshake Bill Leaves Mom Fuming – What She Spots Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

Bella and her friends were​ excited to go to their ⁢favorite diner after school. However, their experience ‍took a ⁤turn when they received their bill and noticed a strange⁤ charge for something called ⁢”extra.” This⁣ sparked confusion and concern for Bella’s ​mother, Melissa Desch, who received a photo of the receipt from her daughter.

Melissa Desch and her 11-year-old daughter, Bella. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture)

According to a recent article ‌from​ Fox‌ News, the Wayne⁣ Hills Diner ⁤in New Jersey ⁤has been accused of⁣ charging underage kids extra​ for their after school snacks. Melissa Desch,⁣ along⁢ with ⁤other parents, noticed an⁢ 18-percent charge​ for ‌gratuity on their⁢ children’s bills. This charge was not⁢ applied to the adults in the group,‍ leading to accusations of ⁣age discrimination.

Melissa‍ Desch, who has been going to the diner since she was ‍a child,⁢ was shocked by this⁢ new‌ policy. She believes that⁣ her daughter and ‌her classmates were targeted because of ⁢their age. ⁢Receipts from the diner revealed that the staff added an ⁣extra‍ line of gratuity ⁢for tables full of‌ students, while adults did not receive the same charge.

Wayne Hills Diner (Photo Credit: Trip Adviser)

After personally discussing the issue with ⁤the owner, Melissa was⁣ told​ that the ‌added gratuity was due to the assumption ⁢that kids do not tip well. However, she argues that this is not a fair assumption and that even adults do ‍not always tip.‍ She also points out that‌ the kids were not given the option to leave a tip,⁢ but were instead ‌forced to pay the ‌added gratuity.

A manager at the diner confirmed to the New York Post that the gratuity⁣ is‌ added because the kids do not tip. He stated that the ⁢employees need to get paid and that​ the diner is a family-owned business. However, this policy has caused outrage among parents​ who are now boycotting the diner.

Wayne Hills Diner (Photo Credit: Facebook)

It is important to note⁤ that ⁣it is illegal to‍ charge someone more based on their age. This situation⁢ raises the question of​ what if the roles were reversed⁢ and senior citizens​ were being charged extra due to preconceived ⁢notions ​about ⁤their ⁣tipping⁢ habits. It is​ also ⁢worth mentioning‍ that while it is legal to​ add a gratuity to ⁢a check for larger parties, Melissa Desch was not charged a mandatory gratuity when she visited the diner with her friends, indicating that the kids were⁢ targeted specifically because of their age.

This type of‍ behavior ​is dishonest and manipulative. It is ⁣important for parents to warn their children about this type of discrimination ​and to be aware of their rights when dining out. While it is understandable for a restaurant to charge a ⁣gratuity and ⁤make customers aware of it, it is not acceptable⁣ to ‍add it without their knowledge.⁣ Let’s make sure ⁤this doesn’t⁢ happen ⁣to our⁤ kids.

As consumers, we have the right to know about any additional charges being added to our bill. It is the responsibility of the restaurant to clearly communicate any gratuity charges and give customers the option to decline or adjust them. Parents should also educate their children about being honest and transparent in their actions, and to treat others with respect and fairness.

Together, we can work towards creating a society where discrimination is not tolerated and everyone is treated equally, regardless of their appearance or background. Let’s teach our kids to stand up against injustice and to always do the right thing, even in the face of discrimination. Let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

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