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Shocking Moment on ‘The View’: Joy Behar’s Unexpected Fall Leaves Audience in Awe

Joy Behar’s recent incident on “The View” brought an unexpected ​twist to the show. Despite efforts to provide ‌a comfortable experience with upgraded seating, the 80-year-old comedian found herself taking an unplanned detour to the floor, resulting in a comical moment.

Photo Credit: joyvbehar/Instagram

On Thursday, Behar humorously revisited the live TV moment when her attempt to land on a “dangerous” swivel chair went awry. Reflecting‍ on the incident, she joked, “Remember when I fell‍ on stage here? My tush missed the seat.”

Whoopi Goldberg shared her perspective on the mishap, highlighting the audience’s limited view‌ compared to the hosts ⁢witnessing Behar’s struggle to avoid the floor. Goldberg‌ described the ordeal, saying, “We saw you‍ trying to figure out how ⁣not to ⁤fall onto the floor, and that was ‌scary because you don’t know whether to catch you ‌and ⁢potentially bother you by touching ⁣you.”

Photo Credit: The View/Youtube

In her usual comedic style, Behar⁣ compared her‌ workplace to ​an amusement park, jokingly likening the moving chairs to a swirling ride at Coney Island. The silver lining ⁤of her impromptu rollercoaster act was the introduction of new ‍safety features – stationary chairs with four tall legs, a square seat, and an adjoining back.

Displaying the upgraded seats on ⁤Thursday, Behar showcased the show’s commitment to preventing similar incidents. However, not everyone found the new accommodations perfect. Goldberg chimed in, humorously stating, “They’re not new to my behind because my behind doesn’t fit ‍in this ⁢chair, as I’ve mentioned many times.”

Photo Credit: The View/Youtube

In a light-hearted moment, Goldberg jokingly recalled that while her own behind fit on the previous chair, it wasn’t necessarily Behar’s preferred option. Their banter continued with playful exchanges about making do with what was available.

Earlier in ⁢the week, Goldberg, aged 67, came to Behar’s defense after co-host Ana Navarro, 51, claimed that Bill ⁤Geddie, the late co-creator of “The View,” both hired and fired Behar. ⁤The camaraderie among hosts ​showcased⁤ the dynamic nature⁣ of the long-running daytime show.

Photo Credit: The View/Youtube

Behar⁣ also made headlines during‍ the week by ⁣labeling Gov. Greg Abbott, R-Texas, a “sadist.” She described Abbott as someone who derives pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others, adding her unique perspective to the​ week’s headlines and generating discussions beyond the show’s set.

Despite the unexpected detour to the floor, Joy Behar’s mishap added a ⁢touch of​ humor and camaraderie to “The View,” ensuring⁣ that the long-running daytime show continues​ to ​entertain and⁣ surprise its​ audience.

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