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Shocking Moments on ‘The View’: Why Fans are Calling for Whoopi Goldberg’s Removal

Whoopi Goldberg has been a ‍polarizing figure during her tenure as the moderator of The View. Throughout the years, she has faced criticism and backlash for her remarks,​ leading to demands ⁢for her removal from the talk show. Let’s take a closer ​look at ‌some ‌of her ⁤most controversial moments and the reactions they sparked.

Whoopi Goldberg (Credit: YouTube)

#1 ‍Whoopi Goldberg’s Comments on the Holocaust

One of Goldberg’s most infamous moments ⁢on The View was ⁣when she claimed that the Holocaust was not about race,‍ but rather about “man’s inhumanity to man.” This⁢ statement drew widespread criticism and led ⁤to her suspension from the show. Despite apologizing on ⁤Twitter, Goldberg later doubled down on‍ her remarks in an ​interview, causing ​further outrage. However, the executives ​at ABC chose to overlook the demands for her firing.

Whoopi Goldberg speaks about her Holocaust remarks (Credit: YouTube)

#2 Whoopi ⁢Goldberg’s Defense of Joe Biden’s False War Tale

During a campaign event,‌ Joe‌ Biden was ⁣caught telling a false⁣ war story. Goldberg ⁣came to his defense ⁣on‌ The ‌View, stating that sometimes stories ⁣can grow and change⁣ over time. Her co-host Sunny Hostin also defended Biden, calling him a “good storyteller.”⁣ This sparked criticism ⁢and backlash, with many questioning ⁣Goldberg’s judgment ⁤and credibility as a moderator.

#3 Whoopi Goldberg’s Controversial‌ Comments on Roman Polanski

During a segment on The View, Goldberg made controversial comments about Hollywood director‍ Roman Polanski’s rape conviction.

Joe Biden told his fake war tale on the campaign trail, which was covered on The View (Credit: YouTube)

⁣ She stated that it was not a “real rape”​ and later added that society sees things differently ‌now. These remarks sparked outrage and‍ calls for her to be fired from the show.

#4 ​Whoopi Goldberg’s Defense of Joy Behar’s Blackface Controversy

During an interview with Donald Trump Jr., Goldberg defended⁢ her co-host ⁢Joy Behar when ‌he brought⁣ up her past‍ use of blackface. Goldberg stated that Behar was ​not in blackface and that she would recognize it as a​ black woman. However, in 2016, Behar admitted to dressing up as ​a “beautiful African woman” ​for Halloween, causing​ further controversy‌ and backlash towards Goldberg’s defense.

Whoopi Goldberg and Donald Trump Jr. faced off on The View (Credit: YouTube)

#5 Whoopi Goldberg’s Accusations Against Conservative Group TPUSA

During a TPUSA Student Action Summit, neo-Nazis protested outside the event.⁣ Goldberg accused the⁣ organization of embracing these ‍individuals, leading to a cease and ⁢desist ⁣letter from TPUSA. This sparked the trending hashtag #SueTheView ​and calls for Goldberg’s firing from the show.

Despite the ⁣controversy surrounding her, Goldberg remains the moderator of The View.

However, her remarks have⁣ caused concern among​ viewers and⁣ even the Democratic ‌National Committee. Only time will tell if she will continue to stir up controversy or if she⁢ will make efforts to change her tone and approach ⁣as a moderator.

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