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Shocking News: Singer Dropped from Super Bowl Halftime Consideration Amidst Controversy

In a surprising twist, has reported that Lizzo has been removed from the list ⁣of potential performers for The Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show.

According to insiders from the National Football League (NFL),‌ recent allegations of sexual harassment and body-shaming have ​led to this‌ sudden decision.

A confidential source within ⁣the NFL revealed, ‍”Due ​to ⁢the ongoing scandal, Lizzo will not be considered for the Halftime show or the​ National Anthem performance,” as reported by

Photo Credit: Today/Youtube

While the official lineup for⁤ the event is still​ a secret, betting odds from currently favor artists like Miley Cyrus, Harry Styles, and Bad Bunny ⁤as⁤ potential headliners for the February 2024 extravaganza.

At 35 years old, Lizzo finds herself embroiled in controversy following accusations ⁣of body shaming and sexual harassment during her recent tour, “The Special‍ Tour,” brought forth⁣ by several‍ backup dancers. The lawsuit alleges that Lizzo orchestrated uncomfortable sexual‍ situations, including instances where tour cast members were pressured into consuming bananas presented in a suggestive manner and touching nude performers.

Photo Credit: NFL

Taking to Instagram to address the issue, Lizzo stated, “As women in this world, we deserve respect above all else.” She rejected the idea⁢ of being‍ either a​ victim or‌ a villain, emphasizing her openness about sexuality‍ and self-expression⁤ while refusing to let her actions be misinterpreted.

A source close to Lizzo described her career as a “sinking ship”​ and informed that the star is quickly running out of options.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

“With more and more ​people coming forward with allegations of highly inappropriate behavior, Lizzo, despite her significant earnings,⁤ seems to be running out of time, and it’s uncertain​ if she ‍can bounce back from this,” the source commented.

The insider highlighted the ‍challenges Lizzo faces, where speaking out results in ⁣criticism, and staying silent leads ⁣to‌ accusations of cowardice. ‌At this point, the future looks bleak ​for her.

Photo Credit: Today/Youtube

This recent development raises questions about the direction of Lizzo’s career and the ⁢potential consequences of ongoing controversies on her‌ professional opportunities. Being excluded from⁣ consideration for a major event like The Super Bowl ‌Halftime Show highlights the potential impact of such​ scandals on an artist’s reputation in the industry. As the situation⁣ continues to unfold, Lizzo faces a critical moment in her career, grappling with the weight of public opinion and an uncertain future.

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