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Son’s Conversation with School Counselor Leads to Discovery of Missing Mom

The disappearance of 38-year-old mother-of-three, Rebecca Hoover, sparked a‍ desperate search to ⁣reunite her ‌with her children. However,​ after nearly a month, the search came to a tragic ⁢end when ⁢her 8-year-old son made a shocking‌ confession to a school counselor.

Rebecca’s mother reported her missing ‍when she failed to make contact for several days, ‍stating that her disappearance was completely out of character. Despite⁢ having marital problems, Rebecca’s mother knew ​that she would never leave her children behind, ​leading ⁢authorities to launch‍ an investigation in hopes of reuniting the ⁢devoted mother with her kids.

But it wasn’t until her 8-year-old son spoke to a counselor at his elementary school that the truth was revealed.‍ The boy disclosed that he had witnessed his mother’s murder ‍at the hands of⁣ his ⁤father, 50-year-old Judson Keith Hoover, in the basement of their home. He described⁢ in graphic detail​ how his ‌father stomped⁤ on his mother’s head 20 times and punched her in the stomach with a set of keys, leaving her unresponsive and covered in ​blood.

Images of Rebecca Hoover and her children (Photo Credit: GoFundMe)

Police were⁢ immediately notified and approached Judson Hoover when⁢ he arrived at the ​school to pick up his children. After receiving permission ‍to search the Hoovers’ property, investigators ‌found evidence of blood splatter at the bottom of the basement stairs.

A tip from Rebecca’s mother led‍ to the discovery of her remains in a storage unit, where security footage showed Judson moving ‌what appeared to be a body.

Judson Hoover (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Judson Hoover was arrested and charged with murder, initially claiming that Rebecca had attacked him ⁣with a pipe and he acted in ​self-defense. However, photos of⁤ Judson at the time of his arrest showed no ⁣signs of ‌injuries​ inflicted by a weapon.

He later pleaded guilty, admitting to strangling ⁤his wife before initially⁤ leaving her in the basement. However,⁢ the⁢ autopsy ‍report revealed that Rebecca ‍died from blunt force trauma to the ⁤head and torso, consistent with her son’s⁤ eyewitness ‍account.

Rebecca Hoover’s body was eventually found in a 55-gallon drum in a storage unit. (Photo Credit: Google Maps)

Rebecca’s family and friends revealed that the couple’s relationship had ‍been abusive, and Judson had a history of domestic violence. Just four months prior to Rebecca’s disappearance, ​he was arrested and charged with domestic battery ​and⁢ strangulation.

Despite a no-contact order, the couple resumed their abusive relationship, ‌ultimately leading to Rebecca’s tragic death.

Prosecutor Chris Lane emphasized the importance ‍of recognizing the signs‍ of⁣ domestic violence and seeking help before it’s too late. He​ also urged ⁤anyone in an abusive situation to⁤ call The ⁢National Domestic ​Violence Hotline‍ at⁤ 1-800-799-SAFE.

Rebecca Hoover (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Rebecca’s story serves as a reminder ​of the‌ devastating‌ consequences of domestic violence and the ⁣need for ‍action to prevent it.

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