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Taylor Swift’s Must-Have Request Before Every Show: The Crew’s Ultimate Challenge

Taylor Swift has not only taken the⁣ music industry by storm, but she has‌ also become a vocal advocate for artists’ rights‍ and fair⁤ treatment. However, there are also‍ some lesser-known demands that‌ the pop ⁢sensation makes before ‍each show. Let’s take a closer look at what ‍goes on behind the scenes before Taylor takes the⁣ stage.

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The Evolution of Tour Demands

In ‍the past, it was ‌common for⁣ rock stars to ⁢fuel up with alcohol ⁣before a ​concert. But as times have changed, so have the⁣ habits of artists. Taylor Swift, currently one of the biggest names in the music industry,‌ has a massive following of fans‍ who hang ⁣on her every move. With her recent ⁣tour ⁤in Australia,⁢ where she performed to packed arenas and captivated over 600,000 fans, her tour demands have come⁣ into the spotlight.

Entertainment journalist Dean McCarthy, known for his interviews with Hollywood’s elite, recently revealed ⁣some juicy details about Taylor’s tour​ demands on The Morning Show. Let’s take a closer look at what he had to ⁤say.


The Demands

According ‍to McCarthy, ⁢before every show,⁢ Taylor requests an iced Americano from Starbucks to be delivered​ to her room at 11 a.m. This may seem ⁤like a simple ⁤request, but it‍ shows how the star’s⁣ demands have⁤ evolved over the years. ⁣In the early days of her career, she only ‍requested ⁣snacks in her dressing room. Now, she also⁣ asks for‌ provisions like Red Bull ‌and‍ macaroni and cheese.

As her star has risen, so⁤ have her demands. McCarthy also‌ revealed that‌ Taylor prioritizes security and often requests a decoy⁤ car to⁣ evade paparazzi. She also prefers her chauffeured cars to⁣ be subtle, ⁣opting ​for silver SUVs that won’t ⁤draw attention.‍ It’s clear that being a global superstar comes with its‌ own set of challenges ‍and precautions.


Other Artists’ Demands

While Taylor’s demands may seem extravagant to some, she‌ is not the ⁢only ⁢artist with unique requests. McCarthy also shared some amusing tidbits about other stars’ preferences. For example, Justin Bieber requires a private jet to be on standby at all times during his ⁢tours, while ⁣Madonna used ⁢to request that all toilets be replaced. The Jonas Brothers​ have a more lighthearted request, asking for 12 puppies,⁣ and Christina⁤ Aguilera requires a police ⁣escort to⁣ and from her performances. Justin⁢ Timberlake also has a specific demand, requesting that all hallways and elevators ‍be empty when he walks anywhere. Even power couple Beyonce and Jay Z have their own request for Ace of⁣ Spades‌ champagne. And who could forget Axl Rose’s ‌infamous request⁣ for square melons?

What Would You Request?

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It’s always interesting to see what goes ⁤on⁣ behind ⁣the scenes of a concert,‍ and ‌these demands certainly add a unique perspective. But one can’t help but wonder, what ‌would they themselves ​request if they were an artist? For some, a cold Dr. Pepper and ​peanuts would suffice,‍ while others may have⁤ more extravagant requests. What would yours be? Share your thoughts in the comments on Facebook and ​let us know what​ your artist demands would be!

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