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The Heartbreaking Update on US Olympic Champion Mary Lou Retton’s Health

Mary‍ Lou⁢ Retton, a⁣ renowned Olympic gold medalist ​and beloved West Virginia native, is currently facing a difficult battle against pneumonia. The gymnastics legend, known for her inspiring journey and accomplishments, is now in ⁤the intensive care unit, bravely fighting for​ her ‌life.‍ However, she⁢ is not alone ⁣in this fight as ⁢her daughter, McKenna Kelley, has set up‌ a⁣ *spotfund to provide updates on her mother’s condition and ask for support and prayers during this challenging time.

Photo Credit: marylouretton/Instagram

According to Kelley, ​Retton has ‌been‌ in the ICU for over a‍ week ⁣and is struggling to breathe ‍on her own due to pneumonia. While Kelley⁤ has chosen to respect ​her mother’s privacy and not share further details, she⁣ did ⁤reveal one heartbreaking⁢ fact – Mary Lou Retton does not have insurance.

In an emotional Instagram story, Kelley ⁤pleaded for help and ⁢prayers⁤ from their​ supporters, saying, “Please ‍consider helping our family ‍out, and⁤ most importantly,‌ please continue to pray.”

Photo Credit: marylouretton/Instagram

The news of Retton’s ⁣health has sparked concern and support from fans and fellow athletes alike. Many have taken to social media to ⁣send their ⁢well wishes‍ and⁢ offer⁢ their support to the Retton family.

Retton, who ‍became the first ⁤American woman to win the all-around ⁣gold medal in​ gymnastics at the 1984 Olympics, has been an inspiration to many throughout her career. She ⁤has also been ⁢a​ strong advocate for the sport ‌and has continued to be involved⁤ in the⁢ gymnastics community even after her retirement.

Photo Credit: marylouretton/Instagram

In addition to her athletic achievements, Retton has also been a devoted mother to her four daughters,‌ including⁣ Kelley, ‌who followed in​ her mother’s footsteps and⁣ became a gymnast herself.

As Retton continues to fight against pneumonia,⁣ her ⁣family and fans are rallying behind her with love, prayers, and support. Let us all keep Mary ⁣Lou Retton in our thoughts and send her⁣ positive ‍energy during this difficult time.Mary‌ Lou Retton, a native of Fairmont, West Virginia, made her‍ mark in Olympic history during the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Despite undergoing knee surgery just weeks before the competition, she amazed ⁤the world with two perfect 10 scores in⁤ the floor ⁤and vault categories.

Not only did ⁤she achieve this incredible feat, but she also became the first​ American to win the all-around ​gold in gymnastics, solidifying her place as a legend in the ‍sport. ‍In addition to her gold medal, she ⁣also earned two silver medals and‌ two bronze medals, surpassing all‍ other​ competitors that year.

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But Mary Lou Retton’s accomplishments extend beyond the world⁢ of gymnastics. She has also made ⁢a ​name for herself ⁣in the entertainment industry, appearing as herself‍ in various television shows and movies such as “Scrooged,” “Baywatch,” and “Knots Landing.” She has also ⁣served as a member of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and⁢ Sports​ during President George W. Bush’s administration, showcasing her dedication to promoting physical fitness.

In addition to her various roles as​ an Olympic and gymnastics ambassador, Mary‍ Lou Retton continues to inspire and motivate others through her work as a motivational speaker and author. She has also⁢ been inducted into multiple halls of fame, including the International Gymnastics‌ Hall of‍ Fame and the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame.

Despite her numerous ⁣achievements and accolades, Mary Lou Retton remains humble and grounded, ⁢always emphasizing⁤ the importance of⁤ hard work, determination, and perseverance. She continues to ⁤be a role model for aspiring athletes and individuals looking to achieve their ‍dreams.Paraphrased:

Mary Lou Retton, a renowned athlete from West⁣ Virginia, is highly revered by her fellow West Virginians. Her hometown ⁢of Fairmont has honored her legacy by naming a road and a park after her. The overwhelming support, prayers, and well-wishes ⁣she has received are a testament⁢ to the profound ‌impact she has had, not only‍ in ‌the ⁤world of sports but also in⁢ the lives of those who admire her unwavering determination and accomplishments.

References: KFOR

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