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Tragic Loss: Gary Sinise’s Son Has Passed Away

Renowned actor Gary Sinise, famous‍ for his role as Lieutenant Dan in the iconic movie “Forrest Gump,” is currently grieving the loss of his beloved son. On January ‌5, 2024, Mac Sinise, aged 33, ⁤passed ⁣away after a long battle ⁤with cancer.

According to the official website of the Gary Sinise Foundation, Mac was diagnosed with a rare ‌form of cancer called Chordoma ‍in ⁢2018.‌ This type⁢ of cancer originates ⁣in the ⁤spine and only affects around 300 people in the United States each year.⁤ While 70%⁤ of patients can be cured through surgery to remove the tumor, the remaining 30% eventually ​experience a recurrence of the cancer.

Mac underwent surgery ⁣to remove the tumor in 2018, but unfortunately, the cancer ⁤returned in 2019. ​Gary shared, “This‍ marked⁤ the beginning of a long and difficult battle ⁢that ⁢gradually ⁤took a toll​ on him.”

Despite his ‍illness, Mac continued to pursue ‍his passion for​ music for as long as he could.‌ He was a⁣ graduate of the ​USC Thornton School of ⁤Music and in 2023, he made the decision to complete ‌a⁣ song he had⁣ started writing during his college days. The song, titled “Arctic Circles,” was finished using an⁣ iPad ⁣while ​Mac was confined to his hospital bed, paralyzed from the chest down and unable to⁤ play his beloved⁣ instruments ⁣like ⁣the ‍drums‌ and piano.

The completion of “Arctic ⁤Circles” also led to the creation of an entire ‌album titled “Resurrection & Revival.” ​Tragically, Mac passed away ​the⁤ same week the album was set to be ‌released.

On December 30, 2023, Gary rushed Mac to ⁤the emergency room as he ‌was having difficulty breathing. Sadly, Mac never made it back home. Gary shared, ⁣”On January 5th, surrounded by his family,‍ he peacefully let go. His battle with Chordoma was finally over.”

Gary described his family as “heartbroken” at the loss of their son. He⁤ expressed, ⁢”As parents, it is an unimaginable pain to lose a child. Our hearts ​go⁢ out to all those who have experienced a similar​ loss,‍ and‍ to anyone who ⁤has lost a loved one.”

He continued, “Our family’s fight ⁤against ⁢cancer lasted ⁣for ‍5 ½ years, and it became increasingly challenging as time went on. While we are devastated ​by his absence, we take comfort in knowing that ​Mac is no longer suffering. We are also inspired and moved by his unwavering determination throughout his battle. He fought against a cancer⁤ with ‌no cure, but he‌ never gave up.”

Gary added, “I am incredibly blessed, fortunate,⁢ and proud to have been his father.”

Watch the video below⁢ for more on this heartbreaking news and⁣ to hear​ Gary’s heartfelt thoughts and ⁤memories of ​his son.

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