Thursday, June 6, 2024

Two Individuals Attempt Carjacking in Florida – A Cautionary Tale

Carjacking A surprising incident unfolded in Clearwater, Florida, where a woman defended herself and her son from two individuals attempting to steal their car. The story gained attention after the woman, identified as Louise Ornduff, turned the tables on the suspects, resulting in one suspect’s death and the other facing charges.

According to reports, Ornduff and her son were meeting the suspects, 17-year-old Jernalen Dreshaw Coleman and 18-year-old Lasupta Singletary, in a Bank of America parking lot to discuss the sale of a vehicle. However, things took a dangerous turn when the suspects, armed and demanding the car keys, attempted to steal their car.

Seventeen-year-old Jernalen Dreshaw Coleman and 18-year-old Lasupta Singletary tried to carjack Louise Ornduff. (Photo Credit: CPD)

Ornduff, who was armed herself, acted quickly and fired a shot, striking one of the suspects. The suspects fled the scene in the stolen car but were apprehended shortly after when they sought medical attention for the injured suspect. The injured suspect was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Authorities have charged Coleman with second-degree felony murder and armed robbery. The incident has sparked a debate about self-defense and the right to protect oneself and property.

Ornduff’s actions have garnered praise from many who see her as a hero for standing up against crime. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of being cautious when meeting strangers for transactions and being prepared to defend oneself if necessary.

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