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Ty Pennington’s Inspiring Comeback: How He Shut Down Body Shamers and Embraced His Authentic Self

Ty Pennington, ​the ruggedly handsome carpenter on the popular DIY show Trading Spaces, has been a fan favorite⁢ for over 20 years. However,‍ as fans suggest he ⁢gets a makeover of his ‍own, Pennington proves​ that age⁣ is just a number⁤ and he continues to⁤ entertain and inspire with his talent and humor.


Born Gary Tygert Burton, Pennington, now 58, is a shameless jokester​ who loves to perform for his followers on Instagram. He frequently posts⁤ comical⁢ videos of ‍his mad dance moves,​ often⁣ with his ⁤new⁣ wife giggling in the⁢ background.

Pennington, a former model​ and the face of J-Crew, originally planned‍ on⁣ being a⁣ graphic designer. However, after a near-fatal car accident at the age of 27, he shifted his ‍focus to carpentry. He ⁢quickly became known as a jack-of-all-trades and a ⁣born entertainer.


His career in Hollywood began as ⁣a‍ set designer for the 1995 film Leaving Las Vegas, but​ it was his role as a builder on Trading Spaces that launched him⁣ into stardom. He ⁢went on‍ to hostExtreme Makeover: Home‌ Edition for nine years, earning ‍two Primetime Emmy ⁣Awards.

In ​2018, Pennington returned for the revival ​of Trading Spaces and ‍currently appears as ‌a⁤ mentor and design expert on HGTV’s Battle on the Beach and as a host on Rock the Block. He has also authored two ​books and is ‌open about‍ his ADHD, using his platform to ‌bring awareness to the disorder.


In 2007, Pennington ‌faced a⁢ DUI charge‍ and‌ was placed⁤ on probation and ​a 90-day alcohol program. He took ⁣responsibility for his actions and used the ​experience to bring awareness to ⁤the dangers of drinking and driving.

In November ⁤2021, Pennington ‌married Kellee ⁣Merrell, a Vancouver social media manager, and ⁢continues to entertain his followers⁣ with his daily ‍antics. However, he has also faced⁢ criticism ​for his age and appearance. In response, Pennington ⁢reminded people to practice social graces and give the same grace to men as they do to women when it comes⁤ to aging and ‍body‌ image.

Despite the ‌negative comments, Pennington remains confident and⁤ happy at⁢ 57 years old. He ‍reminds us that age is just a number and that he has gained wisdom,‌ empathy, and life lessons‍ over the years. ‌And we couldn’t⁢ agree more.

So,⁣ whether you’ve been a fan of Pennington since his Trading Spaces ‍ days or have‌ recently discovered his talent,⁤ one​ thing is for sure: he‌ is still hot and⁣ we love watching his silly Instagram videos. ⁤What is your favorite show with⁤ Pennington? And did you ‍catch the DIY bug after watching Trading ‍Spaces

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