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Uncovering the Truth: Angelina Jolie Reveals Shocking Details of Brad Pitt’s Long History of Physical Abuse

Once upon a time, they​ were the most sought-after couple in Hollywood, ⁢their combined star power enough to ⁣outshine even the brightest⁣ of lights. But‌ sadly, the marriage between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie was not meant to last, and nowadays, any mention of them together ⁣is often focused on the negative aspects of their divorce and ongoing ⁢court battles.


According to recent reports, a⁣ new⁣ court filing has alleged‍ that Brad Pitt’s “physical abuse” towards his ex-wife began⁢ even before the infamous 2016 plane​ incident. The two A-listers, who were​ once ⁤inseparable, have now become embroiled in a bitter​ legal battle over the sale of a French winery ⁤they purchased while still together. This once strong bond has been shattered into sharp fragments, played out for the world to ‍see.

In 2022, Pitt ‍sued Jolie and her former company Nouvel for ⁢selling her half of the winery without his consent. He claimed that they had agreed not to sell their shares without each other’s ⁢approval, and accused Jolie of jeopardizing the reputation of the business he had carefully built. Jolie retaliated by alleging⁣ that Pitt had become physically abusive ⁣towards ​her and their children during a plane ride from France​ to California in 2016. She claimed⁤ that​ he had grabbed her by the head and also assaulted two of their children.

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Just days after the plane incident, ⁣Jolie filed for divorce, and their separation was legally finalized in 2019. Pitt has⁢ denied the accusations, and while federal authorities launched an investigation,⁣ no criminal charges were filed.

New reports have​ now revealed that Jolie’s legal ‍team has submitted fresh⁣ papers to the Los Angeles ⁣Superior Court, implying that the physical abuse from‌ Pitt ⁣began earlier than previously believed. According to⁢ CNN, the motion states⁢ that “Pitt’s history of physical abuse of Jolie started well ⁤before the⁢ family’s​ September 2016 plane trip from ​France ‍to⁣ Los Angeles.”


The ‍papers do‌ not provide further details about the alleged ⁢abuse, ‌but they do mention Jolie’s intention to present evidence of Pitt’s misconduct. It is also alleged that Jolie offered to⁤ sell her ⁢share of the⁤ French winery to Pitt, but he would only agree if she signed a non-disclosure agreement. This agreement would have prohibited Jolie from speaking about Pitt’s abuse of her and their⁣ children, tying his personal reputation to the winery’s business.

Pitt’s team has yet to respond to Jolie’s filing, but a‍ source close to the actor told ⁤PEOPLE that this is a pattern of behavior from Jolie. They‌ claim that whenever a decision goes against her, she introduces misleading‍ and irrelevant information as a distraction. The source also mentions that⁣ there was a ⁤lengthy ‍custody trial ⁤where a judge heard all the ⁣evidence and still granted Pitt 50/50 custody.

The ​once golden couple of Hollywood has now fallen from ⁤grace, their once strong bond shattered by accusations and legal battles. It ⁣remains to be ⁢seen how their story ⁤will unfold, but one thing⁤ is for‍ sure: their love story has come to ⁤a ⁣tragic ​end.

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