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Unexpected Delivery: OBGYN Called to Help Deliver Baby Gorilla After Zoo Detects Concerning Signs in Mother

In a heartwarming story of medical breakthrough and maternal instinct, the Fort Worth Zoo has recently welcomed a new addition ‌to their family in a truly extraordinary way. Meet Jameela, a baby gorilla whose ⁣arrival into the world was far from‌ ordinary. Her birth has marked a historic moment for the zoo, with a delivery that will go down in the books.


Jameela’s story begins with Sekani, a ⁢33-year-old gorilla known for her exceptional mothering skills. Having successfully raised all her previous babies, expectations were high⁤ for her latest pregnancy. However, things took a​ turn when Sekani ‍started exhibiting ​unusual ⁢symptoms, causing concern for the zoo’s medical team.

Associate Veterinarian Sarah Cannizzo explains‌ that Sekani’s behavior, such as holding her head, can be a sign ⁣of a headache in gorillas. This,‍ along‍ with elevated protein levels in her bloodwork,⁣ led to a diagnosis of preeclampsia, a life-threatening condition.


With no other ​option,‌ the team had to perform an emergency cesarean section on Sekani. However, there was a catch – this ⁣was uncharted territory for Cannizzo, who had ​never performed a‍ C-section on a primate before. This is where Jamie Erwin, a board-certified OBGYN with experience in human deliveries, ​but ‌none in the ⁢animal kingdom, stepped ⁢in to assist. Reflecting on ​the unique challenge ahead, Erwin says, “Definitely⁤ a first for me.‍ This is a once-in-a-lifetime I’m guessing.”

Within‌ two days, a volunteer medical team of human and⁣ animal health experts was assembled, ready to undertake a procedure that would bridge the worlds of human and⁣ veterinary medicine. As‌ Sekani was put under anesthesia, the team performed a surgery that closely resembled human C-sections.


Erwin was amazed‌ by the similarities in anatomy ⁣between Sekani and‌ her human patients. The moment of truth came when Jameela was delivered, a month premature but fighting strong. The team ⁤breathed a sigh of relief as the neonatologist and‍ zoo staff worked together to‍ ensure the tiny gorilla’s lungs were strong enough⁤ for⁤ her new world.

This groundbreaking procedure not only saved ‌Jameela’s life but also highlighted the critical importance of every birth within the endangered gorilla population. Cannizzo emphasizes, “It’s a huge responsibility. They are ⁤critically endangered in the wild, so every birth matters. Every birth counts.”


In the days following the surgery, the zoo faced the challenge‍ of​ fostering a maternal bond ​without the natural hormones triggered‍ by traditional birth. Plans are underway to introduce a surrogate gorilla mom, ensuring Jameela receives the ​care‍ and socialization she⁤ needs to thrive. Meanwhile, ​Jameela, whose name‍ means “beautiful” ‍in Swahili, serves as⁣ a living testament to the miracles that can happen when human ingenuity and ‌compassion come together for the sake of another ‌species.

Watch the video below to learn more about Jameela’s grand entrance into the ⁢world. Share this heartwarming story with your friends and family to spread the message of⁤ hope⁤ and compassion.

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