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Unforgettable Oscars Moment: Lady Gaga and Liza Minnelli’s Heartwarming Exchange: ‘I’ve Got You

The 2022 Oscars have ‍been making headlines for the performances⁢ of Will Smith and Chris Rock, but there is ⁢another dynamic duo that deserves recognition: Lady Gaga and Liza Minnelli.

Gaga and Minnelli, who presented the final award of the evening together,‍ have been ⁢receiving praise​ for their interaction⁢ and chemistry on stage.

As ‌the ceremony came to a close, Gaga and Minnelli ⁣took the ⁣stage⁣ to‍ present the last award. The⁤ audience erupted in applause for the ‌two icons, and ‌Gaga graciously stepped aside to let the 76-year-old Minnelli have her moment in the spotlight.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Gaga showed her admiration for Minnelli by holding her hand and saying, ‌”Do you see that? The public loves you.”

The singer-songwriter and actress also paid ‌tribute to Minnelli’s 50th anniversary of her iconic film, Cabaret, for which she won‌ Best Actress​ in a Leading Role in 1972.

Minnelli, who had cue ⁣cards in hand, began introducing the nominees for Best Film but stumbled over her words. ‌Without hesitation, Gaga stepped in and took over, showing her⁤ support⁢ and solidarity with Minnelli.

Before ​the ‌clips of the‍ nominated ‌films‍ were ‌shown, Gaga whispered to Minnelli, “I ⁣got you.” Minnelli’s response, “I know, thank you,” was picked up by their microphones.

As they announced⁢ the final winner of the night, CODA,​ Minnelli expressed her joy at being on stage with Gaga, ⁣saying, “I’m so happy to​ be here, especially with you – I’m your biggest fan.”

The emotional moment between the two stars‍ quickly caught the attention of viewers online, ⁢with‌ many praising⁢ their heartwarming interaction. Some even drew comparisons to Gaga’s‍ relationship with Tony Bennett, highlighting her genuine care and respect for her elders.

In my opinion, this was the most⁢ touching moment of the Oscars. It serves as a reminder of the importance of treating our elders with love and respect.

Please⁤ share this heartwarming moment‍ to ‍spread the message of kindness and‌ appreciation ‍for our elders.

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