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Unleashing Justice: How One NYC Man Outsmarted a Porch Pirate with a Clever Trap

A Creative Solution to Combat Porch Pirates⁣ in⁣ New York City

Porch ‍pirates‍ have become a major issue in New York City, with many residents falling victim to these thieves ⁣who follow delivery trucks and snatch packages‌ from people’s doorsteps. Fed up with this ⁤rampant crime, Carlos Mejia, a Queens homeowner, decided to take matters into his own hands and set a trap for the porch pirates. And thanks to his​ clever plan and a bit of luck, ⁤he‌ was able to catch one of ⁤these thieves in the act.

After laying a trap, Queens homeowner Carlos Mejia captured this alleged porch pirate on camera. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The Rise of Porch Pirates in New York City

According to Mejia, he was not the only one in his neighborhood who was tired of porch pirates. Many of his neighbors were also fed up with these criminals who were stealing their ⁢hard-earned packages. This growing issue has become a major concern for New Yorkers, with reports of thieves following delivery trucks and snatching packages ⁣becoming more and more common.

The Trap is Set

Determined to⁢ catch one of these porch pirates,‌ Mejia came up⁤ with a plan. He strategically placed fake packages outside his door, hoping to lure in a thief. And it didn’t take long for his plan to work. ⁢One unsuspecting thief took ‍the⁤ bait and attempted to steal one of the fake parcels from Mejia’s front stoop.

When the alleged porch pirate took the bait, Carlos Mejia was ready. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The Confrontation

Thanks​ to security camera footage, we ‍can witness the moment‌ the alleged porch pirate fell into Mejia’s trap. As the thief put the package in his backpack, Mejia, armed with a baseball bat, stormed out of his house to confront the criminal. The sight of the angry homeowner was enough to make the thief reconsider ⁤his actions, ⁣and he quickly put the package back ⁣down.

Justice ‍Served

Mejia detained the thief with the help of ‌his baseball bat until the police arrived. The suspect, later identified as Victor Stazzone, was arrested and charged with petit larceny, criminal possession of ‍stolen property, and criminal trespass. ⁢Mejia’s clever plan not only ⁤caught a porch pirate in the act but also ⁣served as a warning to others who may be considering stealing from innocent people.

A Lesson Learned

In an interview, Mejia ⁤revealed that the decoy⁢ package contained ​a notecard with a strong message ‌for porch⁣ pirates. He wanted to make an example for those who were stealing from​ others, and with the popularity of ⁢his‍ video, it’s safe ‍to say that he succeeded. This incident serves⁤ as a lesson to all porch pirates out there that their actions may have ​consequences they never expected.


Porch pirates have become a major issue in New York City, ​but thanks⁤ to the‌ creative solution of⁢ one fed-up ‍homeowner, justice was served.

This incident also sheds light on the growing problem of package theft and serves as a ⁣reminder to‌ always be vigilant and⁣ take‍ necessary precautions to protect our belongings.‍ Let’s hope that with more awareness and ⁢action, ⁢we can put an end ⁤to porch piracy in our​ communities.

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