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Unlocking the Secret Behind Women Wearing Engagement Rings on Their Pinky Finger

Self-care is an essential⁣ aspect of life that is often overlooked. In today’s fast-paced world, people are constantly juggling multiple responsibilities and often neglect their own well-being. ‍However, ‌it is ⁣crucial to prioritize self-care in order to have the energy and ability to care for others. Recognizing this need, jewelry maker Fred + Far, a women-owned business, has launched a‍ new trend of promise rings that symbolize self-love and care when worn on the pinky finger.

Founder Melody Godfred was inspired to create this jewelry series‌ due to her personal experience with ⁤neglecting self-care while ⁤being a busy mom. She realized the ⁢importance of taking time for oneself and wanted to ​spread this message to other women. Along with co-founder Samira Far, Godfred designed the promise rings ⁣to serve as a reminder for women to celebrate and prioritize themselves.

In an interview with Mental Scoops,‍ Godfred explained ⁣the significance of the pinky finger and why it was chosen for the self-love ring. She stated, “I chose to create the ring for my pinky because it ‍is a finger ⁢I’ve never worn a ring on before. It is often overlooked, just like​ how ‌women tend to ⁣overlook their own needs. It felt empowering to take a traditional symbol ⁤of commitment to ​someone ⁢else and make it⁢ a commitment to myself.”

The Fred + Far website further elaborates on the concept, stating ‍that an engagement ring ⁣represents a commitment​ to another person, ​while the self-love pinky ring represents a ​commitment to oneself. The‌ website⁣ offers a variety of options, including ⁤the original self-love pinky ring, limited edition designs, and ​rings with birth month stones.

This concept is especially relevant for women who feel like their lives revolve around others and⁤ have been neglecting ⁤their own self-care. If you resonate with this ⁤message, you can join the movement by visiting Fred⁢ + Far’s website.

The self-love⁤ pinky ring features a 1.5 carat lab-created white⁢ sapphire, symbolizing one’s commitment to themselves. The⁢ website explains that lab-created stones are⁢ identical to natural stones ⁤but are more flawless and environmentally friendly. The white sapphire is known for its ability to​ evoke clarity, intuition, wisdom, and strength of spirit. It also ‍promotes integrity,‌ positive thinking, and reveals‌ one’s talents. Additionally, it⁢ is the birthstone for September.

What are your thoughts ​on these​ self-love rings? Do you⁣ believe in the ⁤power of self-care and self-love? If so, consider joining the‌ movement ⁣and making a commitment to yourself with ⁢a ‍self-love pinky ring from Fred ⁤+ Far. Remember, taking care of yourself is not selfish, it is necessary for a happy and fulfilling life.

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