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Unsolved No More: The Heartwarming Discovery of a Missing Little Girl Featured on “Unsolved Mysteries

In 2017, a nine-year-old‍ girl named Kayla Unbehaun went⁢ missing while under the care of her mother, Heather Unbehaun. Despite appearing on ‍Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries series, Kayla ⁣remained missing for‌ six‌ years and several months ⁣until ‍she ⁣was‍ recently ‌found alive in North Carolina at ⁤the age of fifteen.

Following the discovery of Kayla, her mother was arrested on a⁣ fugitive charge and released on bond. She is scheduled ​to appear ⁤in ‍court on July⁢ 11, 2023 to face the charges ⁤against her.

Kayla was rescued after a woman recognized her ‍from media⁣ coverage and immediately contacted the ‌authorities. Her ​biological father, ⁤Ryan⁣ Iskerka, released a statement ⁤expressing‍ his joy and gratitude for her safe return.

In July 2017,⁤ Kayla disappeared while in​ the ​care of her mother, following a‌ Fourth of July⁤ parade ‍in Wheaton, Illinois. ⁢Her ⁤father created ​a‌ GoFundMe page to help⁢ locate her and ⁣reported her missing⁣ when she did ⁤not ​show up for a scheduled custody exchange.

Unbehaun, the noncustodial parent, was suspected of ​kidnapping Kayla in an‌ attempt to gain custody. Her case was featured on the Netflix⁣ series “Unsolved Mysteries” in November 2022.

The discovery of Kayla after six years brings hope to‌ other families with missing loved ones. The National Center for Missing & ‍Exploited Children and law enforcement agencies played a crucial role in​ her safe return.

As Kayla and‍ her father‍ reconnect​ and start a new beginning, they ask‍ for privacy.

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