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Unthinkable Choice: Parents Forced to End 13-Year-Old Daughter’s Life After Sleepover Tragedy

The⁤ tragic story of the Haynes family from ⁣Australia​ has ‌brought⁢ to light ‍the dangers ⁣of a⁣ viral craze ⁤called⁢ chroming.‌ This trend,⁢ which involves inhaling toxic chemicals to get high,⁤ has claimed the ⁣life of their 13-year-old daughter, Esra. In an emotional interview with Ally Langdon​ on A Current Affair, Esra’s parents, Andrea and Paul, shared their heartbreaking experience of losing⁤ their⁢ beloved ‌daughter ​to‌ this ⁤deadly trend.

Esra was a vibrant and talented young ​girl who ⁤loved sports and ‌was a co-captain of her local football netball club. She was described as‌ determined, fun, cheeky, and talented​ by those⁢ who knew‌ her. However, her life was cut‍ short when she fell victim to chroming after inhaling a can​ of aerosol deodorant⁤ at a sleepover with friends.

Her parents, ‍who had never heard of chroming before, were devastated when they received a call to come and get their daughter. Despite the efforts​ of paramedics, Esra went into cardiac arrest and suffered irreparable brain damage. After eight days on life support, her parents were faced with the heartbreaking decision of taking her‌ off life support.


In an emotional interview, Esra’s ⁢parents shared the pain of losing their ⁣daughter⁣ and the impact it has had on their family and community. They are now on ​a mission to raise ‍awareness about ‍the⁣ dangers of chroming and educate parents and children ​about its deadly consequences.

Chroming, which can lead to seizures, heart attack, ​suffocation, sudden sniffing death, coma, and organ failure, is a growing trend among teenagers. ‌It is ⁤easily accessible⁤ through store-bought products like deodorant, paint,⁤ hairspray,⁢ and permanent markers. Esra’s parents believe that if they had known about chroming, they could have warned‍ their daughter and potentially saved her​ life.

Since​ 2009, chroming has been responsible for the ⁢deaths of multiple children in Australia and ⁤around the world. Esra’s parents are ‍determined to prevent​ other families from experiencing the‌ same tragedy ​by‌ educating parents and children about the dangers of ‌this deadly trend.

The⁢ pain and heartache of losing a child⁢ is unimaginable,⁤ and our hearts go out ‌to the Haynes family and all those‍ who knew and⁢ loved Esra. Let us ⁤share this story ⁢and​ help raise awareness about the dangers of chroming, so that no other family has to go through the same devastating loss.

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