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Unveiling the Truth: Jackie Chan’s Daughter Finally Speaks Out About Her Iconic Father

Jackie Chan is a beloved movie star known for ⁤his incredible martial arts skills displayed in his films. Recently, a heartwarming video of him with his ‘daughter’ went viral, tugging at the heartstrings of viewers. However, the reality of the situation has ⁤now come to light, and it is shocking.


The viral video ‌shows Chan standing ⁣next to a woman who appears to be his daughter, watching‌ old footage of‍ him performing⁣ stunts‌ in movies. His ‘daughter’ gets emotional and praises⁤ him, causing Chan to tear up as well. Many ‌people on social media were touched by this father-daughter moment.

But the truth is, the woman in⁤ the video is not Chan’s daughter. ⁣She is ‍actress⁢ Liu Haocun, and the scene is from his recent movie “Ride On.” In reality, Chan is estranged from his daughter, ‍Etta Ng Chok ⁣Lam. ‌She has ⁢gone on record stating that her father abandoned her, allegedly because of her being a lesbian. She also revealed that she has been destitute at⁤ times,‍ despite‌ her father’s immense wealth.


Etta was conceived out ⁣of wedlock with beauty pageant queen Elaine Ng Yi-lei,⁤ with whom Chan had an extra-marital affair​ in 1999. He has been married to his wife Joan Lin since 1982. When asked about his affair, Chan⁣ admitted to his wrongdoing, saying, “I’m not a saint. ⁤I’ve done something wrong. I’ve done something that many men in the world have done. Maybe it was ⁢a moment of playfulness.”

The situation is further complicated by ⁤Etta’s‍ accusations of her father being homophobic, which ​she claims is the reason for their estrangement. When the viral video of Chan and ​Liu ‌Haocun surfaced, many people were⁤ upset and revealed the true story behind it.

Despite the allegations against him, Chan has not addressed the situation or his daughter’s claims. The most recent⁢ accusations were made in 2018, and Chan has remained silent on the matter. He also has not commented on the viral video, which garnered a lot of goodwill for him.

It is a heartbreaking‌ situation that many people were unaware of. The truth behind the viral video of Jackie Chan and his ‘daughter’ sheds light on‍ the strained relationship between the ⁣two. Share this with others so they can be informed about the reality of ⁤the situation.

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