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Unwavering Love: How Delta Burke’s Husband Stood by Her Through Sickness and Weight Gain for 34 Years

A successful marriage can ⁤withstand any challenge.

In ‌today’s society, it ⁤is not uncommon to see people disregarding their marriage vows and⁤ not following‍ through ⁤with them. ‍However, there⁢ are still couples who have remained committed to each other for ‌decades, such⁢ as Delta Burke and Gerald McRaney.

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Read on to discover the obstacles and hardships this couple⁤ has faced throughout their marriage…

When‌ Gerald ⁢McRaney first met actress⁤ Delta Burke, he was immediately drawn to her. ‍However,‌ he was also aware of the‍ competition he faced due to‍ her popularity. Despite this, he was determined to ask her out and make her his own.

He recalls the moment he asked her out, stating, “I wasn’t going ⁣to let ⁢her slip away.⁣ I knew there were other men vying for her attention, but I was determined to make my move.”

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Their connection was⁣ instant and McRaney knew she was the one for him. On ⁤their second date, he proposed to her. ⁣However, it wasn’t until two years ⁣later, in 1989, that they officially tied the knot on May 28th.

Although it may not have been as quick as McRaney would ‍have liked, he was overjoyed to have won the heart of the woman he loved.

While this was Burke’s first marriage, it was McRaney’s third. Despite his previous marriages ending in divorce, he was determined to make ⁢this⁣ one last.

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Despite ⁢their love for each other, there were some who doubted their marriage. McRaney’s friends, in particular, warned ‍him against it. However, he dismissed their concerns every time, stating, “Why not? They’re the only ones ⁤who understand this crazy industry. And Delta does too. If I’m on location and don’t call her until 2 in the morning, she understands.”

As both of them worked in the ‌entertainment industry, they were able to support and advise each other through any challenges they faced. They were also each⁣ other’s biggest cheerleaders when it came to celebrating their successes.⁤ When McRaney won a Primetime Emmy ‍award for his performance in “This Is Us,” Burke ⁢was there in the audience, tears in her eyes, cheering him on.

McRaney values Burke’s opinion above all⁤ others, especially when it comes ‍to his acting career. He trusts her​ to ‌give him ​honest feedback and takes ⁣her advice ‍seriously.


In 1998, their marriage was put to the test ⁤when Burke’s grandmother passed away and her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.⁢ On top of ‍that, she was also ⁤on‍ a break from her acting career‌ after⁣ a dispute ⁣with the producers of ⁤”Designing Women.”

Fans began to notice that Burke was gaining weight during this time. It ⁢was later ‍revealed⁤ that she was struggling with hypoglycemia, ⁣which caused her to gain weight. Despite trying various⁢ treatments and diets, her condition worsened and she eventually developed type 2 diabetes. It took her a long time to ‌receive‍ a proper diagnosis, as she went⁢ from ‌doctor to ‍doctor seeking ⁤answers. She recalls, “I‌ was constantly on the road and exhausted.⁣ My body just didn’t​ feel right. I knew something was wrong, but no one could tell‌ me what it was. They said it was Epstein-Barr. I knew it was⁤ something else. Finally, one doctor⁢ ran the right ⁤tests ⁤and told ​me I had ⁢diabetes.”

During this difficult time, Burke was also caring for ​her sick mother and‌ neglecting her‍ own health. Her doctor warned‌ her ‌that if she ⁢didn’t improve her diet, she would need insulin ⁤therapy. After her⁣ mother recovered, Burke credits McRaney for ⁢being​ her rock and helping her through her health⁢ struggles. In ‍2004, McRaney also successfully battled lung cancer.

Burke now uses insulin and thanks⁣ McRaney for his unwavering support and assistance with her medication. She says, “He loved me when ​I was at my heaviest… He has ⁢loved me through the good times and the bad.‍ He still thinks I ⁤look great, and I can assure you, I do⁢ not!”

The couple prioritizes their ​health and stays active together. Burke ​is now in a much better place with her health and has no plans to return to acting. McRaney also doesn’t see her ⁤returning to the industry, but ⁣he would love the opportunity to work with her ⁣again.

While McRaney has no plans to retire,⁢ the couple has purchased a home in central Florida ⁣and plans to​ move there soon. They do not have any⁤ children together, but they have​ spent their lives​ raising McRaney’s three children from his previous marriages.

Delta Burke‍ and​ Gerald​ McRaney have shown ⁣the world what it‍ truly means to honor​ your marriage vows. We send ⁢them all‍ our love and well wishes.

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