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Vegan Takes Legal Action Against Neighbors’ Meat BBQ, Community Unites for ‘Grill and Chill’ Event

A resident of Girrawheen, Cilla Carden, recently⁣ made ‍headlines for taking her neighbors to the Supreme Court. Her demand? ‍That they stop cooking barbecues, smoking, and playing ball ‍in their own backyard.

Photo Credit: 9News Perth

Carden​ claimed that the smell of meat⁤ cooking next door was ​unbearable for her.⁤ “They’ve put it there so I smell fish, all I ​can smell⁣ is ⁢fish. I‌ can’t⁢ enjoy my backyard, I​ can’t go out there,” she expressed her frustration.

Aside from the smell, ‍Carden was also bothered by the cigarette smoke wafting into⁤ her yard and the noise from the children playing ‍basketball.​ As a​ massage therapist, she claimed that these disturbances were affecting her‌ work and ​her ability to sleep.

Photo Credit: 9News Perth

In ‍an attempt to resolve the⁢ issue, one of her neighbors ​let 9News into their backyard to show that they had​ removed ‌the ⁣barbecue and‌ stopped the children ‍from playing basketball. However, this did not satisfy Carden, ​and she ​took the matter to​ the State ⁣Administrative Tribunal and the Supreme Court.

“It’s​ deliberate, ‍that’s what I told⁤ the courts, it’s deliberate,”⁤ Carden stated, emphasizing her belief that her neighbors were intentionally causing her distress.

Photo Credit: 9News Perth

Despite⁢ her efforts, both the Supreme Court Judge and⁢ State Administrative Tribunal dismissed ⁤her‍ case, and her request⁣ for appeal ⁢was denied. However, Carden⁣ remains determined to continue ‍fighting and plans to return to court soon.

This dispute between neighbors has sparked a debate about the rights of individuals to enjoy their own ⁣backyard and⁢ the responsibilities of neighbors to be⁣ considerate of⁢ each ‌other. While Carden’s case‍ may have been ‍dismissed, it has brought attention to the issue​ and raised questions about finding a balance between personal freedoms ⁣and respecting the rights of others.

Photo Credit: 9News Perth

In conclusion, Cilla Carden’s battle with her neighbors ​over barbecues, smoking, and playing‌ ball in their backyard‌ has caused quite a stir. Despite her‍ efforts, ​her case was ​dismissed, but she remains determined to continue fighting⁣ for ​what⁣ she believes is her right to a peaceful and ⁢enjoyable backyard.

This situation serves as a reminder for all of ⁣us to be considerate of our neighbors and find ⁢a balance⁤ between our ⁤personal freedoms and respecting the ‌rights of ⁢others.

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