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Watch in Shock as Thief Slides Under SUV and Triggers a Moving Catalytic Converter

In ⁢a ⁣secluded parking lot in Palmdale, California, a group​ of thieves targeted a parked SUV, assuming‌ it was ‌abandoned. However,⁢ their simple mistake cost one of the ⁢suspects his life. This tragic event ⁤serves as‌ a warning to both potential⁢ thieves and car owners to be vigilant and take precautions against catalytic converter theft.

A Southern California community was in shock after an attempted theft of a catalytic converter resulted in a horrific tragedy. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The incident occurred just before 6 p.m.​ on the ​39000 block of 10th Street West. According to CBS News, the suspects pulled ‍up in a car next to a lifted 4×4​ Ford Excursion​ and one man crawled under the SUV to steal ⁣its catalytic converter. However,⁤ much to their horror, the SUV’s engine suddenly started​ and⁢ the vehicle began to⁣ move.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reports that the SUV, which appeared to be abandoned, was actually occupied by a woman who was napping.‍ Startled by the sound of sawing coming from under ⁤her vehicle, she quickly started the engine and reversed, unknowingly running over the suspect.

A car full of thieves pulled up to what they believed to be an abandoned “lifted” 4×4 Ford Excursion in a secluded area of a retail parking lot. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Panicked, the woman ⁣immediately called 911 for⁤ medical assistance, but the suspect was pronounced dead at the hospital. The other ‌three ⁤suspects, a man and two women, were detained by deputies. The driver of the SUV may potentially face charges, but‌ their identity and charges‌ have not been released.

Catalytic converter theft has ⁤become a prevalent crime in recent years, prompting the LA County Sheriff’s Office to issue a set of tips ​to prevent it. These include parking in well-lit areas near your​ home, parking in a garage, welding the converter to the car’s frame, engraving the vehicle’s VIN and license plate numbers on the converter, and calibrating the car alarm to detect vibrations.

One of the suspects exited the vehicle and crawled under the parked SUV before beginning to saw away at the catalytic converter. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

This tragic event serves as a reminder of the dangers‌ of engaging ⁤in criminal activity. Attempting to steal private property can have fatal consequences, as seen in this case. The⁣ suspect paid the ultimate price for a quick buck, ‍while the car owner was unharmed.

In conclusion, this incident highlights the need for both thieves and car ⁣owners to be cautious and take necessary precautions.

The female driver, who had been asleep in the SUV, awoke to the sound of the sawing, started the ignition, and quickly backed out of the parking spot, running over the suspect. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Let this be a warning to all potential thieves: the consequences of your actions can be ​deadly. And to car⁢ owners, be vigilant and take steps to protect your vehicle from catalytic converter⁢ theft.

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