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Woman delivers pizza to rusty trailer: Opens the door and makes a shocking discovery

In life, we often encounter people who have a profound impact on us, but we may not realize it until much later. For‍ Lee Haase, one of those people was Angela Nguyen.

Angela works at Domino’s and⁣ has been delivering pizzas for years. Among her many regular customers was ‌Lee, who would order ​pizza every Saturday like clockwork. Angela⁢ was always⁢ the one⁢ to deliver it to him.

However, one Saturday, the orders suddenly stopped. Concerned, Angela went to Lee’s house to check on him. What she ⁢found was devastating – a powerful storm had ⁢ripped off most of ‌the roof from Lee’s house.


To make matters worse, Lee’s son had recently passed away ​in a snowmobile accident. Depressed and financially struggling,⁢ Lee ​had ​to move into a​ small trailer.

Refusing to⁢ Stand By

Angela’s daughter, Sarah, who ​also works as a pizza delivery person, informed her mother about Lee’s situation. His ⁣trailer had no heat, water, sewage​ outlet, or electricity.


Angela couldn’t just stand by and do nothing.⁤ She felt compelled to‌ help Lee in any way ‍she could. “We can’t let a human​ being live‍ like this,” she ⁣said.

It all started with⁣ a simple gesture – ‌Angela bought a heater ‍for Lee’s trailer. But she‌ didn’t stop ​there. She started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for Lee’s living situation. The response was overwhelming, and in‍ just two months, they were able to raise $32,360 – enough to buy Lee a new mobile home.

Angela credits the success of the ​campaign to ‌the support and generosity of the local community and strangers alike. “Every single one of us enjoyed⁣ doing this. This ain’t all for Lee. We all benefited,” she says.

A Life-Changing⁣ Act of Kindness

Angela’s kindness and compassion changed Lee’s life for the better. She gave him hope and helped‍ him get back on ‍his feet. He will forever be grateful for her ⁤selfless actions.

In a ​world where we are ⁣constantly bombarded with news of wars, natural disasters, and other tragedies, it is heartening to hear stories like⁢ this. It reminds us ⁣of ​the goodness that exists within us and the power we have ‍to make a positive ‍impact on others.

Angela’s actions serve as a shining example⁣ of how we can‍ use our resources to help those in need and break the cycle of hardship.

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